Coconut products are often a good substitute for many common ingredients that can be highly intolerant foods for many people, such as dairy, gluten and soy:

  • Coconut Yogurt – use in place of dairy yogurt or sour cream, good with yogurt toppings, in smoothies or as sour cream on tacos or potatoes.  Look for the unsweetened variety and one with out carrageenan
  • Coconut flour – can be used in baked goods, for frying or thickening sauces
  • Coconut oil – use for pan frying, baking or as a substitute for cream in your coffee
  • Coconut milk – Use in place of cow milk.  I like it better than nut milks!  Look for sweetened kinds made with stevia for chocolate or vanilla, or unsweetened for cooking or cereal, no carrageenans
  • Coconut aminos-great substitute for soy sauce.  It is a little sweeter but subs out nicely in most recipes!

See here or here for some yummy recipes using coconut products!

But Michelle coconut products contain so much saturated fat!  For the last 60 years saturated fat has been eschewed and a low-fat craze has taken over our country.  Low-fat and fat-free products are full of additives, chemicals and more sugar to make up for the removed fat.  They are never a good idea in my opinion!  Saturated fat is making a comeback, especially the kind in coconut products.  Dr. Mark Hyman states the following:

Interestingly, researchers find when folks consume more saturated fat—especially from healthy sources like coconut oil—their “good” LDL cholesterol increases and their “bad” LDL decreases. Saturated fat in foods like extra virgin coconut butter fuels your mitochondria, provides anti-inflammatory benefits, and could even improve your cholesterol numbers. 

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