Is stress making you stupid?

Ziva online meditation

Stress makes you stupid. This may sound harsh, but it’s true. There is a reason why you can’t find your keys when they are in your hand as you rush to leave the house. Stress throws your body into fight or flight mode, which keeps you from performing at the top of your game. The cost? Your most valuable asset: time. I fully admit that I know how important meditation.. Read More


Parmesan and Bacon crusted Salmon with Kale and Clam Butter sauce

salmon with bacon

Well that’s a mouthful!  Cooking fish is so hard.  I love salmon but getting anyone else to eat it is a challenge. I almost always order it when I go out because I have had so many fails at home. There is also not much enthusiasm when I announce “I’m making fish for dinner”…. and you know I live for approval from my teenagers lol NOT!  But I do like.. Read More


How genetics change your health (right now)

dirty genes summit

No time to read this? Click here to attend the “Dirty Genes Summit” as my guest. This is HOW you change your health: Depression, Cancer, Dementia, Anxiety, Parkinson’s, Autoimmunity, MTHFR, sleep, diet, mindset… your genes are alive and adjustable. Dear Followers, If you have been following me for awhile or know me, you know that genes specifically nutrigenomics or how we can affect the genes we were given through nutrition and.. Read More


Why Can’t I Sleep? Natural Ways to Solve Insomnia

insomnia word abstract in wood type

I’ve seen a lot of people talking about sleep issues/insomnia lately and since the Noble Peace Prize winner in medicine this year won for their research on circadian rhythm, (Its fascinating research! Read about it here) and sleep is imperative to optimal health I thought I might share some insights.   Also in the news recently is more research on how amyloid beta levels and tau proteins, both which contribute to.. Read More


Pre-menopause or Menopause got you down??

Dutch hormones test menopause

Are you hot, angry, irritable, weepy, fatigued, not yourself? You may be experiencing symptoms of fluctuating hormones that go along with pre-menopause and menopause. Unfortunately we are told it’s in our heads or prescribed anti-depressants or a birth control pill. Lets take a step back and think about this. Symptoms are not a disease; they are a way of our body healing itself (think a fever) or a clue to.. Read More


Lab Tests and Prevention


95% of the population will fall into a “normal range” on a standard lab test. We all know that 95% of the population is not in good health! The ranges were set to flag things when you already have a problem. They are then usually addressed with conventional medicine. Functional ranges look at smaller ranges so something can be addressed before it goes out of the standard range (this is.. Read More


What can I do to Protect my Health if I Drink Alcohol?


I consider myself a one-a-day drinker with the occasional night where I over indulge and I wake up saying, “that was not worth it, I’m too old for this!” I think we have all been there. Some of us drink a glass of red wine every night for our “health” drinking is social; it’s something that many people do on a regular basis. Have you ever really thought about what.. Read More


Ever Thought of Doing a Detox Diet? Read This First!

Should you detox?

What do you think of when you read the word detox?   Deprivation? Starvation? Juicing? Reset? It means something different to everyone. In this post I am going to tell you about the science of detoxification and when and how you should do it safely so that you are not weakening your body or releasing toxins into the blood with no where to go. If you really don’t want to.. Read More


So you got a 23andMe test, now what?


So you got a 23andme test, now what? 23andMe is a saliva-based direct-to-consumer personal genome test. It’s a fun way to learn about your ancestry and genetic traits that explain why you are the way you are! What is a genome? A genome is an organism’s complete set of genetic instructions. These instructions tell our body how to make proteins and molecules essential for growth, development and health. Although the.. Read More


Pumpkin Chia Seed Pudding

chia seed pudding

I see recipes for chia seed pudding all the time, but I have never really stopped to make one.  Oh except that one time when I decided to try the recipe from the book Born to Run, if you’ve never read it, its about this amazing group of people, the Tarahumara Indians who can run for 100’s of miles with no rest in sandals that mimic running in bare feet.  With.. Read More