Hello friends!  I apologize that you have not heard from me in a while!  Because I have an on-line nutrition practice not much has changed for me over the last two months (busier than ever!).  I am happy to say that more people are investing in their health and immune system and nothing makes me happier!  As most of you know Wellness Through Food team’s with the Nutritional Genomics Institute to see clients and curate genetic panels and I wanted to share with you a unique opportunity.  We have spent countless hours researching the mechanisms of the current virus and have created an amazing gene panel to help you navigate your immune risk*.

 We practice personalized nutrition/medicine.  There is no one diet, supplement regime or immune protocol that is right for everyone.

  • You are unique, your biochemistry is unique!


  • We have taken markers from some of our most popular panels that relate to nutrients and immune function and layered in a more detailed look at the immune system with actual genes that have been studied relating to mechanisms in viral pathology.


  • Now more than ever it is imperative that your health and immune system be working 100%. The best defense besides social distancing and washing your hands is priming your body to work the way it should *optimally*.


  • Most data shows the majority of people that move from mild symptoms to a full on cytokine storm have preexisting health conditions or a genetic predisposition that weakens the immune system.


  • Knowing your unique genetics, biochemistry and risks is empowering and allows you to have some control over you destiny.


In this panel we will look at the following genetics, along with your labs (if you would like an appointment) to help you navigate the best preventative immune supplements and the best ways to potentially fix/improve impaired systems:


Genes involved in immune function:


  • HLA genes involved with influenza:
  • Genes involved with your risk for autoimmune disease
  • Pro and anti-inflammatory cytokines
  • Other genes in the complement immune cascade
  • Toll-like receptors and the proteins that activate them


Genes directly studied for SARS1 and genes studied that increase your risk for acute respiratory disorder syndrome (ARDS)


  • SARS2 shares 80% of its genome with SARS1 so we do have quite a bit of good research on some of these mechanisms. We are keeping up with research daily and will adjust and add genes in this category as new data emerges!


Genes involved in the RAAS system: (regulates blood pressure and fluid balance)


  • ACE2 is the receptor site for the SARS2 virus and is part of the renin angiotensin system (RAAS) but all the genes around this enzyme need to be looked at too. Hypertension or risk for hypertension increases your risk for negative outcomes with this virus.


Genes involved with nutrient levels:   More is not better!


  • The most well studied nutrients zinc, magnesium, potassium, vitamin D, A, K and C. Niacin for lung recovery, melatonin etc. there is a gene(s) for that!


  • Did you know if you have certain oxalate genes, high dose vitamin C can be contraindicated for you? You can read more about oxalates here.


  • Did you know if you have a certain vitamin D receptor gene, high dose vitamin D may increase your risk for autoimmune disease if you are taking too much.


  • Did you know that taking too much zinc can upset the balance of copper and iron in your body?


  • Did you know that certain immune stimulators like elderberry and medicinal mushrooms are actually contraindicated for those with autoimmune disease or autoimmune risk?


Genes involved in GUT function:


  • There is good research around microbial imbalance and a person’s risk for progressing into more dangerous stages of the virus. What can your genetics tell you?  A lot!


Pharmacogenetics for various drugs that may be used to treat SARS2


  • Many drugs get metabolized through a CYP enzyme, we have included the ones with some research.


Because we think this is so important we are offering this panel at a reduced price of $250.  This panel includes over 65 genes and 500 variants to help you understand:

  • Your risk of the virus entering your body
  • How well your immune system might respond
  • Are your genes more prone to mount an excessive response or a “cytokine storm”
  • What changes you can implement that are right for your unique biochemistry!

Please click here to set up an account in our system.  Here you can let us know that you would like an immune genetic panel run.  You may also contact me via the contact form on this website.  The turn-around time is 1-5 days.  We can send you the completed panel with actions or also include an appointment to review the panel.  We accept MyHeritage and 23andme raw data and if you have not run your genome and need help ordering a gene kit please ask!


Also available are COVID19 antibody tests.  They are made in the US by Raybiotech.  This kit includes IgM (current) and IgG (past) antibodies and it is $100.  You will not be charged until the testing is shipped and you may be placed on a waiting list depending on the availability. Set up an account here to request a kit.


In health,



*Disclaimer –  This information does not infer medical advice or complete risk.