Parmesan and Bacon crusted Salmon with Kale and Clam Butter sauce

salmon with bacon

Well that’s a mouthful!  Cooking fish is so hard.  I love salmon but getting anyone else to eat it is a challenge. I almost always order it when I go out because I have had so many fails at home. There is also not much enthusiasm when I announce “I’m making fish for dinner”…. and you know I live for approval from my teenagers lol NOT!  But I do like.. Read More


Asian Lettuce Wraps – Gluten Free

Asian Lettuce Wraps

I think it’s great that a lot of restaurants these days have gluten free menus.  Only 3% of the population is a true celiac but over the years I have seen so may people change their health, heal their gut, reduce the occurrence of migraines etc etc just by cutting American gluten out of their diet.  Another observation that I have made is that people will go to Europe and.. Read More


Cauliflower Crust Pizza

cauliflower pizza crust

Yes I know, cauliflower crust is not a new invention.  Maybe you were like me and kept thinking, hmmm that might work, but it’s too much work, or whats the point?  Well, I finally tried it and guess what?  It wasn’t that much work and yep it was worth it!  Is this like deep dish pizza from pizza hut?  Nope, it doesn’t really even taste like pizza dough but it creates.. Read More


Sweet and Tart Spiralized Vegetable Pasta Salad


No long explanation for this one….You take a yummy home made dressing and pour it over some spiralized vegetable noodles add some sesame seeds and a protein on the side (or right to the salad!) and you have an instant lunch or dinner. Tip: spiralize some vegetables at the beginning of the week to have on hand for meals. Store in bags or containers in the refrigerator to keep fresh.  I have found.. Read More


Carrot-Sweet Potato Muffins


I’m a huge muffin person.  I always make them mini because I never want to eat one regular size muffin.  Two mini’s does it for me, and if I end up eating four which might equal one big one, I still feel like I ate less!  It gives you options.  A lot of eating is emotional, a lot of managing your eating is self-control and a lot of eating is perception… Read More