Is stress making you stupid?

Ziva online meditation

Stress makes you stupid. This may sound harsh, but it’s true. There is a reason why you can’t find your keys when they are in your hand as you rush to leave the house. Stress throws your body into fight or flight mode, which keeps you from performing at the top of your game. The cost? Your most valuable asset: time. I fully admit that I know how important meditation.. Read More


How genetics change your health (right now)

dirty genes summit

No time to read this? Click here to attend the “Dirty Genes Summit” as my guest. This is HOW you change your health: Depression, Cancer, Dementia, Anxiety, Parkinson’s, Autoimmunity, MTHFR, sleep, diet, mindset… your genes are alive and adjustable. Dear Followers, If you have been following me for awhile or know me, you know that genes specifically nutrigenomics or how we can affect the genes we were given through nutrition and.. Read More


So you got a 23andMe test, now what?


So you got a 23andme test, now what? 23andMe is a saliva-based direct-to-consumer personal genome test. It’s a fun way to learn about your ancestry and genetic traits that explain why you are the way you are! What is a genome? A genome is an organism’s complete set of genetic instructions. These instructions tell our body how to make proteins and molecules essential for growth, development and health. Although the.. Read More


Food, Mountains and Hiking: A girls trip to Banff National Park

Morraine Lake

My daughter and I took a girls trip to Banff National Park a few weeks ago and the response to my pictures on Facebook was so overwhelming I decided to make a blog post about it!  And someone asked for the itinerary so I thought I’d share here.  Trips for the soul are as much a part of your health as the food we eat.  Time away in nature with.. Read More


Healthy Food for Less

I recently started ordering food from a new on-line store called Thrive Market.  Healthy food can be expensive!  I am sometimes shocked that a small bag of beef jerky or a small bag of kale chips at the store is $7!  I have found that a lot of the items on Thrive that I normally buy at Whole Foods or Amazon are a lot cheaper.  Thrive does have a yearly.. Read More


Why I started the Wellness Through Food (WTF!) Blog…….

Wellness Through Food

First of thank you for being here! I’m so excited to have a place to house all my recipes, reading and research. Wellness Through Food (WTF!) is a place to show people how to obtain optimal wellness through the food they eat.  This blog is an extension of my life. Over the years I’ve seen and experienced so much in the world of nutrition and ways to improve my overall.. Read More