First of thank you for being here! I’m so excited to have a place to house all my recipes, reading and research. Wellness Through Food (WTF!) is a place to show people how to obtain optimal wellness through the food they eat.  This blog is an extension of my life. Over the years I’ve seen and experienced so much in the world of nutrition and ways to improve my overall well-being. I grew-up watching my parents try to deal with our family’s allergies naturally, I saw my mom experiment with many different diets, I ate vegetarian, low-fat, low-calorie and everything in between. I watched my parents evolve, I watched them make some mistakes, but they held steadfast with their desire to be and stay healthy.   My dad studied with Paavo Airola who was a nutritionist, naturopathic physician, educator and award-winning author born in 1918. My parents followed a lot of his advice from the get-go by eating whole natural foods and although I don’t agree with everything he wrote a lot of what he presented still stands the test of time!  Whole natural un-altered food were always important to us, hence the name of my blog!

I truly believe that relatively small changes in what we eat and in the way in which we live our lives can have a positive impact on our overall well-being. I will blog about the benefits of eating ‘real food’, as well as eliminating things from your diet and life that serve no meaningful purpose and can actually be creating significant harm. As I am back in school to obtain a Masters in nutrition and have started to study more about the science of our bodies I realize there is a time and place for medicine. The advances we have made are phenomenal and I have complete respect and awe for the medical doctors who are performing life saving surgeries and helping people in so many ways. But along with these great strides I also believe that a preventative focus on overall well-being can eliminate many of the common ailments in our society today.   I have spent so many years of my life finding things that have worked for me, and am so excited to share my experiences.  I hope that it will also makes a meaningful difference in your life.   I will caution that our bodies are so complex, we are all different; and thus we may not all achieve the same results. Our world today is incredibly confusing and seemingly helpful attributes of our food supply (i.e. low fat, no fat, sugar fee, diet, natural, etc) are actually incredibly harmful for many of us.   The lack of knowledge and awareness in our society has been increasingly challenging given the marketing and biased studies of so many companies that influences what we put on our kitchen tables each day.   I am not into fear mongering, I look for scientific support and common sense when forming an opinion and study both sides of an issue should opposing views exist. This will be my place to share what I find, ask questions and to keep learning. I hope you will join me!