Lab Tests and Prevention


95% of the population will fall into a “normal range” on a standard lab test. We all know that 95% of the population is not in good health! The ranges were set to flag things when you already have a problem. They are then usually addressed with conventional medicine. Functional ranges look at smaller ranges so something can be addressed before it goes out of the standard range (this is.. Read More


Got bloat? Three tests to help identify digestive problems


Up until a few years ago I had a stomach of steal; not like a six-pack, I mean my digestion! In my 20’s I could eat whatever I wanted with no stomach distress at all (that I can remember, do any of us really remember our 20’s?)…But as I’ve gotten older, my digestion does not work as well. I find myself with odd bowel movements, stomach bloat and/or a stomachache after.. Read More