Vegetable Noodles!

Daikon radish Pad Thai

I’ve been using a vegetable spiralizer for awhile now to make vegetable noodles.  When I switched over to a no grain diet I needed something to put my pesto and home made meat sauce on!  I started by using zucchini only as it is the easiest one to use (leave the skin on for the healthy green part, but you can peel to make it look more like real noodles!).. Read More


Maple Brussel Sprouts and Why You Should Eat Them

Brussel Sprouts

Remember as a kid, hiding these in a plant when your mom made them?  This preparation not only makes them delicious but kid and husband friendly!  What you need: 1 bag or bunch of brussel sprouts. If little you don’t need to cut, if larger trim ends and cut in half a good drizzle of olive oil to cover brussel sprouts, I’d say about 2 Tbsp’s a good drizzle of.. Read More


Iodine: Eating Sea Vegetables to Help Your Thyroid

Sea Vegetable seasonings

A simple way to boost your thyroid function and protect against cancer?  Add kelp or other sea vegetables to your eggs, soups, salads or anything you can sprinkle seasoning on.  I am not a fan of iodine supplementation in pill form (unless supervised by a Dr. for extremely low levels that have been tested).  But organic toxic-free sea vegetables are a safe way to boost your levels.  Many of us.. Read More


Substituting Coconut Products for Everyday Foods

Products made with coconut

Coconut products are often a good substitute for many common ingredients that can be highly intolerant foods for many people, such as dairy, gluten and soy: Coconut Yogurt – use in place of dairy yogurt or sour cream, good with yogurt toppings, in smoothies or as sour cream on tacos or potatoes.  Look for the unsweetened variety and one with out carrageenan Coconut flour – can be used in baked goods, for.. Read More