Pumpkin Chia Seed Pudding

chia seed pudding

I see recipes for chia seed pudding all the time, but I have never really stopped to make one.  Oh except that one time when I decided to try the recipe from the book Born to Run, if you’ve never read it, its about this amazing group of people, the Tarahumara Indians who can run for 100’s of miles with no rest in sandals that mimic running in bare feet.  With.. Read More


Coconut Curried Chicken Thighs


As I’ve said before I’m a huge fan of Asian food.  So many delicious dishes with meat and seafood and lots of veges.  Miso soup and sushi…yum my mouth is watering.  I don’t know about you but every time I eat it whether it be Thai, Chinese or Japanese I get an upset stomach.  I’m not sure if its the oil they use or the soy sauce or the MSG… Read More


Substituting Coconut Products for Everyday Foods

Products made with coconut

Coconut products are often a good substitute for many common ingredients that can be highly intolerant foods for many people, such as dairy, gluten and soy: Coconut Yogurt – use in place of dairy yogurt or sour cream, good with yogurt toppings, in smoothies or as sour cream on tacos or potatoes.  Look for the unsweetened variety and one with out carrageenan Coconut flour – can be used in baked goods, for.. Read More