MichelleThank you for visiting Wellness Through Food! – Learning to obtain optimal wellness through the foods we eat….

Let food be they medicine and medicine be they food” Hippocrates – has always been one of my favorite quotes!

I’m Michelle, a 44 year old mom, runner, Health Coach and soon to be Clinical Nutritionist.  I’ve spent my whole life living and studying nutrition. My parents were drinking goats milk and trying to cure allergies with their diet back in the 70’s. I am a Certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC, I am currently back in school at the University of Bridgeport to get my Masters in Clinical Nutrition. I truly believe that what you put in your body affects your health and your mood. I believe most diseases can be prevented, reversed or at least improved upon with food and supplements by identifying weaknesses through symptoms and testing. This space will provide you with current health trends, healthy recipes and scientific research and information on nutrition topics.  At 44 I feel better than I ever have!  I currently attempt to follow a whole-food lifestyle.  I avoid dairy, grains and processed sugars. But I also eat out, drink red wine and eat dark chocolate!  I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, organic meats and nuts and seeds.  Through my diet I have cleared SIBO, bloating, anxiety and eczema. I also sleep better and am leaner.  My focus is not on a specific diet but ways for you to become educated and to think and make good choices about your health.