Basil Pesto


One of my favorite, easy week night meals is this simple basil pesto recipe.  I usually serve it with pasta and a roitesserarie chicken.  Recently I served it over my zucchini noodles and wow! that was my favorite vegetable noodle dish I have ever eaten!  When I make the pesto I add in the cheese after it is blended. I take a few scoops out for myself for a dairy-free version… Read More


Vegetable Noodles!

Daikon radish Pad Thai

I’ve been using a vegetable spiralizer for awhile now to make vegetable noodles.  When I switched over to a no grain diet I needed something to put my pesto and home made meat sauce on!  I started by using zucchini only as it is the easiest one to use (leave the skin on for the healthy green part, but you can peel to make it look more like real noodles!).. Read More


Grain-Free Pad Thai

Daikon Radish Pad Thai

Thai food, Chinese food, Japanese food can you say yum?  Soy sauce, MSG, wheat…can you say belly ache? at least for me!  I love finding unusual recipes that fit all my dietary needs!  The newest and latest gadget that I have discovered is called “the spiralizer” you can find it on Amazon here.  It takes vegetables and spirals them into thick or thin noodles or ribbons that you can use.. Read More