A simple way to boost your thyroid function and protect against cancer?  Add kelp or other sea vegetables to your eggs, soups, salads or anything you can sprinkle seasoning on.  I am not a fan of iodine supplementation in pill form (unless supervised by a Dr. for extremely low levels that have been tested).  But organic toxic-free sea vegetables are a safe way to boost your levels.  Many of us are low in iodine because:

  • We don’t eat enough eggs, fish and sea vegetables
  • We have reduced our consumption of iodized salt
  • Bromine exposure; this is found in baked goods, plastics, soda, medications and pesticides.
  • Fluoridated drinking water
  • soil depletion

Other things low iodine can effect are dry mouth, dry skin, fibromyalgia, depression, weight gain and reduced alertness.

I love the Sea Seasonings Sea Salt with Sea Veges and use in place of regular sea salt at least once per day.  1/4 tsp = 370 mcg of  iodine.  There are some brown pieces in the salt but does not alter the taste of your food.  As with any food or supplement too much of a good thing can apply. The RDA for iodine is 150-290 micrograms per day (very low in my opinion, set only for the prevention of goiters).  1000 mcg’s = 1 mg.  The average daily Japanese consumption of iodine is 5-13,000 micrograms or 5-13 mg per day!  I can’t recommend the right level for you, I would work with your naturopathic Dr. and get tested if you suffer from low thyroid or have any of the symptoms above.