Cauliflower rice is a really great substitute for anything you would serve with white or brown rice.  If you are avoiding grains or just want to cut down on carbs a little it is a really great alternative.  It has the perfect neutral, chewy texture just like rice, absorbs sauces and seasoning well and even looks like rice!

Start with the grater accessory for your food processor.  You can also use a hand held grater, but will take longer.



Chop your head of cauliflower into pieces that fit in the opening (if using the food processor). Feed through as little or much as you want.  I like to do the whole head and store in the refrigerator to use during the week.


It’s that simple.  Fry up with a little grass fed butter or olive oil and salt until its the consistency you want.  Can be softer or crunchy.  Use as a base for asian meals.  Make fried rice!  Make cilantro rice and use in Mexican food like they do at Chipotle!  Use in soup!  The possibilities are endless :)

How to make Cilantro Cauliflower Rice!
Cilantro Cauliflower rice
How to make Cauliflower Rice!
Delicious substitute for regular rice! Cauliflower rice
Fried Cauliflower Rice
Fried Cauliflower Rice